About me

Hello!, I'm Eduardo, a game programmer from Mexico City, graduated in Computer Systems Engineering from the Escuela Superior de C├│mputo in the Instituto Polit├ęcnico Nacional. I am passionated about game development since I was 13, but it wasn't until 2012 where I had my first approach to it (I developed my first "game" and published it on the blackberry app store). From 2014 I have been working on projects using Unity engine.

In a professional way, I started working on 2015, my first job was in a company named Revarts Studio, where I worked as a developer for games and interactive applications. When I quit that job, I worked for a few months in my own game (called Super Box Galaxy Wars) that I published on the Play Store. Finally I started to work as a game programmer as independent contractor for a company called Aeria Canada. Here is where I am right now, and of course I want to keep myself on it, doing what I really love to do!.

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