This was a test for entering a company called RevArts Studio; this test was about making a simple (but functional) videogame, the theme was like a space battle where there were 3 different types of enemies and 1 main character, each enemy had its own behavior (like shooting rate, speed, strength, etc.).

The main requeriments were to make a game using the provided assets and using the described behavior, the main mechanics and the other things were up to me. I decided to add some power ups for the main spaceship (different bullets, extra lives and shield), I set an score and I created a new game mode, called insane, where the values for the character behavior changed: the movement and shooting speed were faster, there were more spawned enemies, and the damage value increased. This test was made in 5 days.

Video link: https://youtu.be/M9O9N30Dba4