Spaceman madness

This was my very first approach to the game development, the main idea was to develop a simple game where you had to touch the main character and with a drag and dropp help him to avoid some meteors that would be appearing in the scene (if you have played Rayman Raving Rabbids and the minigame about ghost dodge, that's the mechanic).

The final result was a bit (a lot!) different, it was really simple, you only had to touch in any place on the screen and the character moved to that position, and the meteors only appeared in random points in the screen.

I already lost the project (assets and code), but I still telling about it because, even if it is garbage haha, it is my first garbage, as I said, it was my first game and the beginning of my focus in the programming; so from time to time I like to remember how I worked the first time and compare it with nowadays work, I like to see the evolution of my work!

Assets by: Lucero Salazar and Me! (Eduardo Arroyo)

Developed by: Me! (Eduardo Arroyo)

Blackberry appworld link: