Part of my thesis, called

"Herramienta de apoyo al entrenamiento de Karate Do"

This is only a part of the thesis where I worked for becoming an engineer, it is a tool for training Karate Do technique, summing up the goal of this tool is: A trainer can capture movements through Kinect sensor, and the people who are practicing can do the same, capture their movements through the sensor and so the tool validates the movements comparing them with the ones that the trainer/expert captured previously giving a result on how good/bad are the movements from the people who is practicing.

Obviously the development was a bit more complex than it sounds, we also did a management module for the trainer and the people who trains with him/her, a web service for the internet communication, a database for the captured movements, and of course the interactive interface (using kinect) for doing the movements (and by the way, we used an algorithm called Dynamic Time Warping for comparing the movements).

Assets by: Valeria Canchola Sánches, Evila Lucero Salazar Ortiz

Developed by: Evila Lucero Salazar Ortiz, Valeria Canchola Sánches and me, Eduardo Arroyo

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Link for downloading the thesis (in spanish):