The game story develops in the Fall of Tenochtitlan, the Spanish soldiers want an item that is supouse to have "special abilities" and also have the map to the "city of gold", that is why they want it so bad; some Aztec soldiers need to save the item and carry it to a safe place...

The development of this game was paused, so it was the story. This is a tactical game turn based with board sections; the main intention was to give it some rpg elements, but we had to cut the project and make it simpler to have it on time (we didn't have it on time anyways). This game is only as demostration for a small game dev group that we created.

Assets by: 2D art by Carlos (, 3D models by Alejandro ( and music by Yael (

Developed by: Carlos ( Game mechanics, graphics and ilustration, Alejandro ( Level design, Me! (Eduardo Arroyo): Game mechanics, programming.